Beijing Jikang Food Co. Ltd.

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        Beijing Jikang foodstuff Co., Ltd. (Italian cheese factory) was established in 2005, is a Sino Italian joint venture, by the Chinese company -- Beijing Xin Anderson Consulting technology limited liability company and two twenty years has been regarded as the Chinese home of Italian friend joint venture to build; the two Italian friend is Giza -; CASA Lu Beiya ladies and Carlo,; persica sir. Beijing Jikang Food Co. Ltd., rooted in Beijing Jiya Food Co. ltd.. Beijing Food Co., Ltd. is also a successful Sino Italian joint venture, from Giza and Carlo's company with another Chinese company to build a joint venture. In 1995, the company opened a high quality Italian cheese in China. Beijing Jikang foodstuff Co., Ltd is not only two companies of the joint venture, is those convinced that product quality to the commercial interests who sincerely cooperate with the product, because they believed that reflected the quality of life, quality is an important part of life, quality present in the Italian cheese quality.